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Dillan Lauren Biography Photo Dillan Lauren Biography
Born: 8/11/1982
Aliases: Dillan, Dillion Lauren, Dylan Lauren, Monica

Date of Birth: August 11, 1982
Starting Year: 2004 (approximately 22 years old)
Hometown : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Measurements : 36C-27-38
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Ethnic Origin: American
Real Name : Tara Ann Benigno

It is no surprise that Dillan Lauren took to being a pornstar with gusto. Not only is she blessed with a mix of Spanish and Italian blood, she is all about the sexiness. She was born in 1982 and started stripping at the age of 16, but in 2003 she decided she wanted to take the leap into proper adult entertainment, and starred in her first film.

Dillan Lauren went straight in at the deep end by performing anal, DP, cum swap, A2M, interracial and lesbian scenes from the start. Needless to say, she made quite a name for herself in the hardcore genre and notched up around 140 titles during her career. In 2006 she bagged herself an AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene. There is some dispute over whether or not she left the industry in 2006, but it appears she has performed in more films as recently as 2008 and has taken retirement and moved to New York.

Lucke is Back Interview:
Wednesday afternoon, July 6, 2005. Dillan says she's appeared in 100 films in her two years in porn (she got in through Brittany Star's husband).
Duke: "What do you love and hate about working in porn?"
Dillan: "Good money. Good job freedom. You can do what you want with the rest of your life. It's pretty easy."
Dillan, who stands 5'8" and measures 36C-27-38, was a stripper in Las Vegas for a couple of years. She spent 1999-2001 sailing around the world.
She left home at 15 (didn't see her parents for another five years, then they all became friends) and graduated highschool (after getting in a lot of fights) at 16.
Duke: "When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?"
Dillan: "A teacher or an actress. Not to do porn."
Duke: "What were you expected to become?"
Dillan: "To have kids and get married."
Dillan listens through a cell phone as she is told that one of her scene partners, Sergio, tested negative.
Dillan: "Why can't he just bring his test to the set?"
Dillan says her parents are fine with her working in porn. "My mom went out and bought my Hustler."
Duke: "What if you worked with a black guy? Would that bother them?"
Dillan: "No comment. That's a stupid question.
"I'm Spanish and Italian. I don't specifically tell my parents about any guy I f--- on film."
Dillan says she's bisexual but she wants to marry a guy.
"I was going to college for dental hygiene for a while so I'll probably finish up that."
She says she goes to a hookah lounge on Ventura Blvd in Encino to smoke fruit-flavored tobacco.
I call her Monday for a brief chat, and then Tuesday afternoon (2/7/06) for a longer talk. She's walking around Manhattan.

I understand that Dillan (in porn for about two years, she did over 120 scenes) and her friend Venus are now exclusive to Bella Models (which I believe is the successor to NicisGirls.com).

Dillan says she had a hard time getting unlisted from a rival agency and from Eros Guide in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, Derek Hay (owner of LA Direct Models) accidentally ran his car into Dillan's car. She asked for his insurance information. He told her to pack her stuff and leave from his rental house within five minutes.

She left LA Direct. She quit doing porn.

Dillan: "I just don't want to be in the middle of drama. I don't want to hear the woman I work for badmouthed. I know that was a ten-minute babble [Luke: I did not quote 99% of it] but I'm frustrated about it."

Mona at Bella Models emails me:

I've been in business for 10 years, you should know better than anyone how I treat my girls and refer to them. I would take something that one agent says about another with a spoonful of salt...especially if one of those agents is nothing but a pebble on the other's highway! I wouldn't stoop to that level because I don't have to. Let the player-haters do their talking, my roster speaks for itself.

Luke: "I heard a report that you recently served two months in prison for identity theft?"

Dillan: "I went to county jail for one month because my cousin, with permission, had let me use her IDs. I wasn't using them anymore but I had in the past. It's called false impersonation. It's a misdemeanor. It's not identity theft. I had no restitution to pay. I did not credit card fraud. I gave her $3,000 and straightened out her check system. She's my cousin. We have the same last name. We're family. She let me use her ID."

Luke: "Are you with LA Direct now?"

Dillan: "I'm not. I still speak with Derek. I haven't been shooting for the past four months. If I was going to go back in the industry, that is probably who I would go with. He's an asshole, but he's gotten me the fairest work. I like Derek. I hate him and I like him. I talked to him during the Super Bowl. I said hello to the girls at the house. I stayed there for six months. I'm good friends with Courtney Simpson...

"I'm lost. I need a taxi. It's my first time in New York. It's cold.

"I'm going to duck in the store so I can hear you better.

"When I get back to LA, I'll figure out what I want to do. I didn't want to go back in the industry in need of money. I just want to go back if I want to go back. Now I'm not in need of money."

Luke: "Did you have any hot lesbian sex in county?"

Dillan laughs. "There was one chick with a mohawk who was cool, but we didn't have sex."

Luke: "What do you love and what do you hate about the porn industry?"

Dillan: "I hate the gossip. Not you in particular. The catty bickering amongst women. I love the job freedom. I love how girls from all walks of life and from all countries, if that's legal anymore... I meet friends from completely different backgrounds such as Barbara Summers. It's interesting the way we all ended up in the industry.

"What do you hate about the industry?"

Luke: "Don't get me started."

Dillan: "You never know. I might start a gossip site."

Luke: "It's sad what happens to some of the people in it. I see the fresh-faced new talent and some of them do drugs and party too hard and get awful plastic surgery."

Dillan: "Are you against plastic surgery?"

Luke: "I'm against bad plastic surgery."

Dillan: "There's a lot of that in the industry. I don't even know what the things are that some people have located between their shoulders and their stomach. I haven't done mine yet. I'm thinking about it. I wasn't going to go with a bargain. If you pay $3,900, you're going to get a $3,900 job.

"I'll probably go the dangerous route and go with silicone. The saline ones are ripply and hard.

"Some of the girls look like cartoon characters. You see these girls and they're pretty when they start. Then they change their look and it's not pretty. I like Courtney Simpson. She's so cute and little.

"Oh, this cab is not available.

"I've changed my look since I've been in the industry.

"I was at AVN and looking at the porn stars, I wondered, 'How do you walk around like that in public?' Ridiculous.

"That site MyPornoReview.com is hilarious. Did you see those comments from the girls with the really big titties?

"Ahh, I finally got a taxi. Back to the hotel.

"You were my first phone call on my new phone. I had the other one stolen while I was away. I had to spend $600 to buy another Trio."

Luke: "How has it affected your life becoming a porn star?"

Dillan: "Oh my gosh. Well, my family's pretty cool with it. My older sister thinks I'm a little crazy.

"I'm the middle child of three sisters.

"It affects me the most, whatever career path I want to take in the future, it's tarnished. I was doing my pre-classes for dental before I got in the industry. I'm not sure how that would go over. It's not that anyone can tell you legally that you can't do it, but you know. The dentist is a porn star."

Luke: "It cuts off a lot of things."

Dillan: "I'm trying to pursue other career paths for the future."

Luke: "How has being a porn star affected your love life?"

Dillan: "It's hard to have a serious relationship when you're in the industry. Four months ago when I stopped shooting, it was kinda a good thing, but at the same time, I thought it was going to make me feel much different but really I don't. I guess I'm not ready for a serious relationship right now. Casual dating is ok with me. People have this preconceived notion about who you are supposed to be because you're in the industry. If you have that point of view, just shove it up your ass and don't talk to me. I'm sick of people acting like they're ok with everything, being this over-accepting person, and then totally turning it around. You see that with most of the girls. Sometimes guys have a problem that you make more money than they do. Or they want your money. I'm not looking for all that drama. I do better just keeping guys as friends.

"If I want to get into a serious relationship, I want to make sure I'm done with the industry."

Luke: "It's funny when people get married and have kids and you show up to their house and the porn star mom is ushering the kids out the door so the dad can shoot porn in their kitchen."

Dillan: "I won't judge anyone, but when I'm ready to settle down and have kids, I would hope that my home would be a place where if something like that goes on, it's in my bedroom closet. I wouldn't want my kids sitting down eating cereal on a sofa where people were... I couldn't smell. I couldn't see that. My kids are not going to be used for some 'Mad at Daddy' line."

Luke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Dillan: "There wasn't a crowd. I had a girlfriend in highschool. I skipped my junior year. I graduated early with my older sister. She was on the cheerleading team. We both competed for ESPN national cheerleading. I hung out with some of those girls. We didn't live in the same city. I stuck to myself and one or two girlfriends, mostly people who were not in highschool. My sister was the popular one in highschool. I was the angry one."

Luke: "You were the rebel."

Dillan: "I don't know about that. I just had a hot head at times."

Luke: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Dillan: "An actress. For a lot of years, I wanted to be a teacher. I don't think I'm going to do that.

"Let me look in my bag and see if I have change.

"Hang on, I've got to pay the taxi driver.

"How much is that? OK. Here you go.

"Hold on. I'm dropping bills in the taxi. OK.

"I've got the phone leaned up against my head. I'm trying to get out of the taxi with my bag.

"Have a nice night."

Luke: "OK."

Dillan: "Not you. I was talking to the taxi driver. You're like, that was rude."

Luke: "You've been shopping."

Dillan: "I bought make-up, shoes. I'm trying to replace a lot of things I don't have. I lost more than half of my stuff. Just when I got out of jail, I had my house robbed by someone I know [not in porn]. I wouldn't have thought to worry about the person in my house. It was just savage. They stole my favorite things, my favorite shoes, my favorite clothes."

Luke: "That sucks."

Dillan: "My mom says, 'If you have a full closet, you can't get anything new.' You can look at it as though you have a lot of room in your life to get new stuff and start over. Call me an optimist."


I call her Monday at 5 p.m.

Dillan, who stands almost 5'9": "I had my boobs done three weeks ago. I got silicone. I paid $10,000. They're really good. They're soft. I'm a 34DD. I used to be a natural 34C.

"I wanted to do it for myself.

"At first [after the surgery], I felt like I was buried up to my waist in sand and hit with a train.

"I don't have scars."

Luke: "Have you noticed any difference in the way men react to you?"

Dillan: "Just a tad."

Luke: "Will you have to throw away thousands of dollars worth of lingerie?"

Dillan: "No. I'll just give it to my 17-year old sister. I had just gone bra shopping before I decided to get 'em done. She's a large C. I took them all back and [replaced] them with her size.

"My 24-year old elder sister was scrubbed in for the surgery. She's a plastic surgeon's assistant. I asked the doctor if she could scrub-in. I figured if he was nervous about the surgery, he was not going to let someone's family member scrub-in. He said, 'Tell her to bring up her certification and we'll talk about.' She did.

"She's 15-months older than me but we graduated highschool together because I skipped [a grade and graduated at age 16]."

Dillan has signed up to study fashion design in New York. She wants to get a four-year degree in it and design lingerie.

We discuss rough sex.

Dillan: "Do you hit girls when you have sex with them?"

Luke: "God no. Some girls like rough sex."

Dillan: "I can like rough sex. I like to be dominated but I like to be dominated sensually and mentally. I might like to be choked but you're not supposed to kill somebody. You can be rough without injuring. Spanking is not supposed to leave bruises."


Curve writes:

I ran into Dillan Lauren in an adult video place in NYC when I was there in Feb. 06. She was with an “agency” out there and said she was going to be renting an apartment there with Venus and one of the girls who are using the last name of “Jolie” these days. She was buying a couple of her movies and I picked one up as well.

She looked REALLY good even though she was essentially bundled up for the weather. I happened to have my digital camera with me and she let me take a picture of her – attached. I am a little disappointed (just a little) she got the boob job . . . she had a very nice natural rack.

Den writes: "Luke, Dillan won the CAVR best BTS trophy and I don't know where to mail it to her. Could you please ask her to email me so I can get an address to mail it to her."

pic pic pic pic

Dillan emails me:

Here's the only pics I have so far of my new boobs, and personally I don't like them, the photos ( I LOVE THE BOOBS) Thanks for giving Den my email..... that award is GREAT! I know I shouldn't be proud of that but when it comes to Ava I can't lie; I'd do it again. She talked so much s---, then went ahead and had gene ross write up some bulls--- story about how "I harrassed Her" OMG...... and all the while I didn't respond to it so when the DVD came out I just laughed my ASS off. Did you see it? Howe could Gene print something so false? I'm only sad she didn't enter the KSEX mudwrestling...... Ok I'm done talking s--- for the night.

Gene Ross wrote 8/24/05:

I spoke to Ava Vincent Tuesday night and she was telling me she was filing a police report on Dillan Lauren. Lauren and Vincent had words on a set earlier Tuesday which was being shot for an episode of Family Business. Vincent claims Showtime not only didn't pay her but videotaped her argument with Lauren that escalated into punches being thrown by Lauren. Vincent says it began with Lauren accusing Vincent of stealing some of her clothes. Venus also got on the phone and corroborated details of what happened.


Dillan Lauren Interview

Dillan's MySpace page pic pic pic pic pic pic pic pic Video of the Dillan vs Ava fight

I call her Monday after watching her fight video with Ava Vincent from last August.

She says she brought Gene Ross a videotape of the fight to a restaurant one night so he would clarify his earlier report. "I like him. He was nice in person. But he had something on his site about me having Skeeter's baby."

Luke: "You kicked Ava's ass."

Dillan: "I was pissed because she threw stuff on my little sister's shirt, which I wouldn't have worn except that they gave me the wrong wardrobe requirements for that day.

"My little sister and I were having a talk about how if you trade clothes, you respect the other person's clothes. I took something of hers because she wanted my favorite skirt.

"Venus, who I'm friends with, was talking s---."

Luke: "She said in the video that every set you go on..."

Dillan: "She's a friend of mine. She was just in a bitchy mood.

"Ava stole my clothes on a DVSX set. I looked in her suitcase and under her mess of clothes were my clothes neatly folded.

"Seymore Butts and Cousin Stevie loved the fight."

Luke: "Did Ava ever file a police report against you?"

Dillan: "She never did. She's a [disparaging term for someone who likes certain substances too much].

"I remember when I was going to that set, I said, 'Derek, I don't get along with Ava.' He said, 'Dillan, don't get in a fight.' So Ava said, 'I'm calling Derek and then I'm going to kick your ass.'

"There were eight girls. Five were replacements who were notified that morning. You were supposed to come with hair and make-up done. They all made it up before her. She was three hours late. We were sitting around waiting for her. And she wants to paint her nails clear before a three minute interview where you are not even going to see her hands.

"She throws a fit because she can't sit there and paint her fingernails clear. You pick them to begin with. They're all scabbed up. What do you care what they look like?

"I'm venting."

Luke: "It was funny."

Dillan: "It was gay. I should've beat her up more."

Luke: "Have you had fights before on set?"

Dillan: "I don't think so. But I was a little rowdy in highschool. My dad taught me how to box.

"That wrestling move I pulled on her with the elbow was pretty gay. I was going to break her nail.

"I got in a fight at the Billy Joel concert two months ago. A belligerent drunk girl pulled my hair. She was in my seat. I'm a hot head. I just punched her. I hurt my hand. I fractured a little bone.

"I'm a good girl. It's just gossip. It's hearsay."

Luke: "How's fashion school?"

Dillan: "I haven't beaten anyone up yet. And the most important part is that I've paid for it already.

"I always make jokes about the porn-stars-going-to-school thing. They always say, 'I'm going to school,' but they never go. I'm breaking the rules.

"I went out to a couple of bars the other night because my friend was in town.

"I'm doing a music video with two girls I know. It's something gay, little thing. It's a Spanish-Latin mix.

"I did a video called "Make-Up Sex" for the band Clear Static. They kicked it off MTV and edited out most of my part. It's on my MySpace page. I'm stripping for one of the band members. I think the whole purpose was to get kicked off MTV. There's a dirty version floating around somewhere.

"I got the job from LA Direct Models.

"It's a funky song. They're like Duran Duran. Glam rock."

Luke: "How are your new breasts?"

Dillan: "They're good. They're really soft now. Agent Provocateur is my favorite store now because Victoria Secret doesn't carry my size (32F). I'm such a big girl, they don't look that huge when you look at me proportionately (she stands 5'8")."

Luke: "Are you coming back to LA?"

Dillan: "In the near future, because I want to shoot some pictures. I don't want to shoot porn anymore. If offer a girl-girl thing, I'd do it. I just don't want to shoot gonzo boy-girl.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm a submissive girl. If I really feel like getting beat up, choked and spat on, I'll do it at home. I'm serious. I don't know why. I just don't feel like doing it on video anymore."

Luke: "Would you shoot for Holly Randall?"

Dillan: "I would love to shoot for Holly Randall. I love Holly. Would she shoot me?"

Luke: "Yeah."

Dillan: "Whenever she's available, I'll fly out there.

"I know she likes me tanned and so I'll get some tanning done. I'm on my way there now, as soon as I leave my room."

Luke: "How's your love life?"

Dillan: "I had a guy friend come out from LA. I wouldn't call it my love life because he's got a lot of girls. He's a regular actor. He's famous. He's sweet. We had a good time. We used to date casually.

"I was seeing someone here. He's an investment banker."

Luke: "Do they like you for who you are or do they like you because you're a porn star and you're crazy in bed?"

Dillan: "I'm trying to figure that out. I'm not sure I like them for who they are or because they're crazy in bed.

"'Oh baby, don't talk. Just sit there and look pretty.'

"You know who taught me that? Austin Kincaid.

"If a guy's pretty, he's stupid.

"I like guys with dark hair and eyeliner. I don't like meatheads. I like nerds or the rock star look. An underground band is cooler to me than a popular band."

Luke: "Don't you think it's swishy for guys to wear make-up?"

Dillan: "It depends on when and how often they wear make-up and where."

Luke: "You don't like guys who dress in women's clothing?"

Dillan: "Not last time I checked. I have enough girls stealing my s---. I don't need guys stealing it too."

Luke: "But you want the guy to be more aggressive in bed."

Dillan: "I'm very submissive in bed, even though my personality is dominant."

Luke: "Do you like to be slapped and have your hair pulled and be called a whore?"

Dillan: "Well, depends on who says it, but yeah. Why? Are you going to do it with me and Holly? I'm down.

"It's not that you want to be called a whore but what you are going to say? It's not that being called a whore is going to get me off, it's the spontaneity of it. I like sensual domination. I don't dig degradation."

Luke: "This woman once told me to ---- her like a whore."

Dillan: "You walked out of there and said, 'I'm in love.'

"It's good stuff. It's good to know that she's comfortable enough with you to say that. If she thought you thought it, she'd slap you upside the head.

"I don't always use the word 'whore.' 'F--- me like a whore.' Go figure. Give me something new. Come on. There are more words in the dictionary. Pull out your thesaurus. 'F--- me like I'm a prude. F--- me like I'm frigid.'

"I always enjoy talking to you on the phone. You always make me laugh.

"I remember the first time I met you. It was the first time you'd taken pictures of me.

"I was told, 'Watch your mouth. Luke is over there.' You were the worst guy in the world. You were going to wreck my whole career. I turned around and I didn't see Satan standing there.

"I don't get it. Is there that much to hide?"

Luke: "People are scared that I'm going to uncover their deep dark secrets."

Dillan: "Go ahead and dig."

Ava Vincent and Dillan Lauren Fight Last August on a Cousin Stevie set

Dillan yells at Ava: "Bad bitch. So pathetic bitch."

Ava: "So pathetic."

Dillan: "I've washed up. You still have to look like that."

Ava grabs a burrito and throws it at Dillan.

Dillan: "I will f--- you up."

Dillan grabs Ava by the hair and shakes her like a rag doll.

Ava: "Oh yeah?"

Dillan knocks Ava down and repeatedly smashes her with an elbow.

Dillan: "I will f---ing kick your ass. Don't ---- with me."

Ava gets up and shakes her finger at Dillan. "You did that on camera. You are getting a lawsuit. You are getting a lawsuit."

Ava turns to the camera: "What's her name?"

Dillan: "F--- you, bitch."

Venus intervenes. She says to Dillan, "What the f---? Every set you're on."

Dillan: "She threw food at me twice. I will f--- her up."

Mike says Ava is fighting with Melissa Lauren but it's the tall American girl Dillan Lauren that she's getting it on with.

Bishop writes on XPT: "Ava apparently had inadvertantly left with some items of [Dillan's] clothing on a prior shoot. This was the first time those two had run into each other since that incident. Real classy how the cameraman just kept rolling as she was snatched up by her head. Let's say she catches her head on the counter on the way down."

Christian writes on XPT: "How stupid is Ava Vincent? She throws the burrito at Dillan and then turns her back to her."

TheKing writes: "The best part is, as Dillan is slamming Ava's head against the wall Ava is exclaiming "oh yeah," like she has any control, in response to Dillan's threat of "I will f--- you up bitch." I must say I'm surprised by Ava's fortitude being that she looks quite frail and fragile compared to Dillan Lauren. Unexpectedly Ava pops up no worse for the wear threatening a lawsuit. In conclusion, this might be one of the best posts ever."


Male Model Andre Resende Says Dillan Lauren Pulled A Shotgun On Him

Dillan denies pulling a shotgun on him and police could not find any gun in her apartment when they searched it after Andre's complaint.

Andre, who is listed on bossmodels.com and nextmodels.com, is from Russia. He emailed me a couple of weeks ago after reading my profile of Dillan.

I get him on the phone Nov. 27.

Andre: "I met her at the Rock Bar in Miami. She's sitting drunk and coked up and telling us that she's a madam and that she steals identities... That she paid $3,000 for someone in Puerto Rico who had a last name similar to hers. She said, if you take someone's identity, just make sure the person never comes to the United States. That these people are poor and they're dying and of course they will say yes... That they'll take $3,000. That they only have a few years left.

"How she got new cards and a new license and how she got caught with a different identity. She got arrested because she had two licenses on her with different names... That they just gave her a slap on the wrist.

"I'm horny. She says she's a porn star.

"She showered me with money. She took me with limos everywhere. She f---ed me. The sex was OK. She's one of those screamers for no reason. I do hang well but it was fake.

"I was at her place at 4 a.m. and she was doing laundry. I asked her to do mine too. It was supposed to be a joke. She lost her mind. 'Who do you think I am? Look at all these AVN awards.' She's pulling these plastic things. I didn't know what AVN was. [She reads off the awards.] I'm laughing. She starts throwing them at me. I'm still laughing.

"I said, 'This is too much drama. I'm going to leave. What are you on?' She said, 'What does it matter what I'm on?'

She said, 'You're going to do what? Fine. I'll be right back.' I'm getting dressed.

"She comes with a shotgun. I ran. There's a police precinct on the corner [in midtown Manhattan].

"Eight police officers go there. They didn't find a shotgun.

"She'd shown me the shotgun before while we were cleaning her place. She said it belonged to her cousin.

"She leaves me crazy messages. I left all my stuff at her place.

"She asked me for my last name. My friends said, 'You've got to get out of there. She's going to steal our identities. Who knows what she's going to do.'

"I had to break up with her because my friends told me to...

"We didn't believe that she was a porn star.

"I have a picture of her writing on her mirror to me a couple of days after she met me: 'Andre, you're the best thing to wake up to. I love you.'"

Andre emails me various nude photos he took of Dillan with his cell phone.

I believe their last day together was Nov. 2.

Andre: "She was on her period. I said, 'I understand. Maybe there are other things we can do.' She's like, oh no, I don't like anal.

"She got upset that I wouldn't have sex with her while she was on her period. She said, 'My grandmother told me that if you take a shower in cold water it will keep the blood from flowing for 30 minutes.

"I'm like, no.

"She's animated. She's fun. She's cool. In some ways, she's an unbelievable girlfriend.

"She had a ton of dudes calling her. I didn't mind. We'd go to clubs and she'd hit on girls and bring them to me. I was happy for a while. She's a sweet girl."

"I don't know why we didn't have threesomes together."

"She said, 'I want to know about you and I. If we're serious. Do you want to get serious?' When other guys would call, she'd say, 'I'm here with my man.'

"This is two days after we met."

I call Dillan Lauren.

Luke: "What's going on?"

Dillan: "I'm in this Irish bar and this lady's tripping because I plugged my phone in. I can't steal electricity for five minutes?"

Luke: "I was talking to this guy named Andre."

Dillan: "I was just talking about him. Funny."

Luke: "He said you pulled a shotgun on him."

Dillan: "I didn't. He's out of his mind. He called the cops on me and they arrested him for making false statements.

"Don't print this. It could ruin my career.

"I broke up with him. He went psycho.

"It's not true. I've got police reports to show that."

A friend of Dillan's backs up her story. He says Andre is out to get Dillan and to hurt her business opportunities.

A man claiming to be an NYPD officer calls me to say that no gun was found at Dillan's apartment.

Dillan Lauren Exclusive Store